Free Up Your Weekends for Festivals
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Free Up Your Weekends for Festivals

September 30th, 2018 News

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to party? One of our favorite holidays here at the Postcard Inn is Labor Day because it's the perfect excuse to enjoy the last weekend of summer before getting back to reality. Check out these top three festivals that will be happening in the St. Pete area over Labor Day Weekend.  

1. The 18th Annual Geckofest — Yes, you read that right. This completely free event started as a small street festival and has grown to become quite the attraction. Come for the art but stay for the live music and incredible food. 

2. Summer of Rum Festival — Rum on a holiday? Say no more. This festival has been running for six years and is the best excuse to spend your Labor Day at the beach with a rum-spiked cocktail in your hand.  

3. Celebrate Oldsmar — Don’t miss the longest running firework display of the weekend. Bring a blanket, some tasty snacks, and the entire family along to enjoy the festivities. Celebrate the end of the summer with the ones you love and make memories you will remember forever. 

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