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When it comes to driving success, our Sales Team at PCI is second to none. With a passion for excellence and a relentless commitment to your needs, they're here to make sure you get the most out of every partnership.

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Our Team

🌟 Krystn Simmons - Our Director of Sales and Catering is a Visionary Leader and problem solver.  With a strategic mind and an eye for innovation, Krystnn leads the way. Her vision sets the course for our sales success and her creative thinking turns roadblocks into opportunities.

🚀 Mercedez Suarez - Our Catering Sales Manager is the Go-Getter known for their boundless energy and determination; Mercedes never takes no for an answer. She is your go-to for making the impossible happen.

💡 Breanne Jackson - Our Sales Coordinator When challenges arise, Breanne has a solution up her sleeve. She knows that every successful sale & event starts with understanding the client's needs and provides top-tier customer service.


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