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Films at the Dali Museum

September 6th, 2017 News

Instead of staying in your hotel and watching a movie, make like the olden days and go to watch a film at The Salvador Dali Museum. The Salvador Dali Museum presents The Dali & Beyond Film Series. A free film series that creates monthly themes and screens films with those themes. In September, the museum is showcasing director David Lynch with the film Mulholland Drive, a 2001 net-noir mystery film. Watch as Betty, a midwestern girl, changes the course of her life to live out her dreams in Los Angeles where she encounters a dark-haired woman who has just survived a car crash. Take the journey with Betty and teeter the line between mainstream and avant-garde as you witness the brilliance of filmmaker David Lynch in the Will Raymond Theater at the Dali Museum. Expand your film tastes and make this a night out with friends or a significant other.

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